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For those in the real estate business, you know that it is important to be able to multitask and be flexible.

Your priorities will change by the hour and being tied to a desk phone is not ideal for this industry, where you need to be out with clients and customers, showing them houses or selling your services.

This is where a VoIP system comes in to help give your staff the freedom they need to excel in their jobs, while still allowing you to capture leads and keep business running as usual.

In this article, we will run through some of the ways that a VoIP phone can help your real estate business flourish.

Freedom For Your Real Estate Agents

A VoIP phone system allows your staff to work from anywhere in the world.

They can access their phone easily on any compatible device; such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone – and can make and receive calls as if they are sat in the office. 

This frees staff up to go wherever they are needed, without them worrying about missing an important call.

They can show houses, meet clients, speak to landlords and property developers and give them great service while their phone system continues to work seamlessly.

A real estate agent should be out in the field and needs to be knowledgeable about your properties to sell them effectively.

So they should be visiting and checking everything is OK in the property to prepare for viewings, something which is not an issue when they can take their phone line with them wherever they go.

If there is ever an emergency in a rented property that you manage, your agents can go out to solve this problem without leaving their phones unattended.

The nature of real estate means that it is unpredictable and priorities can change at any moment, but with a VoIP phone system you are prepared for anything.

Use IVR To Help Customers Reach The Right Person

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is a fantastic business tool that can be added to your phone system.

IVR adds options to your phone system (for example, press 1 to reach house sales), so customers calling you can self select and reach the right person quickly.

IVR helps save your business time when answering calls and improves customer satisfaction as customers spend less time on the phone trying to get through to the correct person.

The IVR system can be personalized to match your branding and can be used to put out messages en masse to customers when they call you – particularly useful if your business is closed for any reason, you can give customers an emergency out of hours number or communicate when you are open again.

Many real estate companies will have multiple departments, such as lettings, sales, maintenance and more – so this is a useful tool to help direct customers to the right department on their first call.

Store Data Securely In Acefone’s Online Portal

Your customer’s data can be securely stored in our online portal.

This portal gives you access to everything you need to know about how your phone system is operating; including call times, call costs, and recordings of all calls so you can easily access anything you need.

Everything is stored safely and securely in the cloud, so if anything happened to your office premises, you can pick up right where you left off as the data is hosted off-site and you will not lose any of your precious data.

The online portal also gives you the ability to make detailed notes on customer’s accounts.

These notes can detail all communications with customers and give details on any outstanding tasks that your real estate agents need to look at.

Anyone who connects to your phone system can see these notes, and so can be up to speed in seconds with that customer’s account – even if they have not been dealing with them previously.

This gives a much more professional impression to customers than staff scrambling to find information and repeating questions the customer has already gone through to catch themselves up. 

Used to your advantage, these notes and detailed analytics can take your customer experience to the next level and can help you ensure that all of your real estate agents are working well for your customers.

You can also use call recordings to train new agents and give them real examples of customer interactions.

Use Your Number To Your Advantage

Real estate businesses may not just deal with properties in one area, so you can choose a number to suit you with a VoIP phone system.

You may want to increase local ties wherever you are selling homes, so you could set up local numbers for customers to call; these numbers will automatically direct to your phone system, without any interruption for the customer.

This gives you the chance to set up virtual offices in cities all over the world, and you can hire real estate agents to work in these cities if you wanted someone local to speak to customers – as hosted phone systems can support remote workers anywhere in the world with just an internet connection needed.

If you are looking for a more national image, a freephone number is perfect.

A toll free number will make your company appear larger, and will show customers that you have invested in your customer service and want to keep communications open.

A free phone number breaks down any barriers to a customer calling you and can give your sales team extra opportunities to speak to potential customers and sell your services.

Finally, a branded number can be added to your phone system to help boost your marketing campaigns.

A branded number could be something recognizable and can be worked into your marketing to help customers remember your number when they come to need your services.

Each type of phone number has a different use, but each directs straight to your agents so customers can enjoy crystal clear communications every time they call you.

If you would like to find out more about how a VoIP phone system can help your real estate business, call us today on 1888-859-0450 and discuss with our expert team.

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