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SIP Trunking Shortcut To Successful SME

India is home to more than 3000 new businesses, third biggest base on the planet, with 800+ new companies being propelled annually. With the rapid increase in the number of start-ups and other companies, the major concern for these companies remains customer privacy.

We share our phone numbers every day with various apps and websites for several reasons, such as cab booking, ordering food, online shopping, etc. But individuals hesitate to provide their telephone number, which is reasonable.

Consequently, most of the companies have adopted the agenda to keep their customers’ private information secure as a part of their safety measures. So, to handle such sensitive business scenarios, a solution like a number masking was introduced. This article will guide you through the perks and needs of Call masking solution.

Understanding Number Masking

Number masking or call masking is a suitable way for organizations to protect their clients’ identity and avoid abuse of sensitive data by anonymizing the client’s telephone number. This arrangement acts as a secure platform to communicate between two parties without disclosing either party’s contact number.

Number masking involves a masked number in the process of communication. A masked number is a temporary number which is mapped against a real number at the time of call request. Masked numbers are helpful for any industry that requires customers to share their telephone numbers.

Number masking works with a virtual number and provides security to the client and the business, guaranteeing safety at both the ends. Whenever a customer calls any business, the server automatically masks the client number with a virtual number at the backend. For instance, when a client is requesting to book a taxi, the driver will see the masked virtual number and not the client’s telephone number. Also, the driver’s phone number is disguised at the client’s end.

Call masking allows various parties to connect with each other without revealing their phone numbers. It hides the contact information of both the customer and the agent and creates a communication channel between them.

If telephone numbers are revealed and used inappropriately, one could face hefty repercussions, which can lead to substantial monetary losses. The business might get cut out of the deal which might damage the brand reputation. This is where number masking comes into the picture.


Phone number masking work flow


Perks of Number Masking

1. Secure Customer Base

Number masking allows you to protect the phone number of both the parties so that only the authorized personnel can access your customer base. This is useful in situations where third parties, including cab drivers and delivery persons, exploit the clients’ contact number. They also forward the customer related information to marketing agencies which use the customer’s number for advertising and selling their products.

2. Control Over Your Communication

Call masking solution helps your business to keep an eye on the calls taking place between your customer and agents. With the call recording feature, you can always track the calls happening at both the ends. These call recordings are an efficient tool for resolving customer complaints.

Suppose you provide a cab booking service and your customer books a cab. If you directly provide the customer’s number to the driver, you won’t be able to track what conversation happened between the customer and your agent. This might lead to the use of foul language and inappropriate behaviour from both the ends. Here, number masking eliminates this stress for you as the calls are placed through the cloud service provider’s server and can be monitored.

3. User Privacy

User privacy is the crucial measure taken by any business to secure customers’ information, and number masking operates it very effectively. Customers usually do not prefer sharing their phone numbers because of frauds, prank calls or spam. With number masking, customer’s permanent phone number is never exposed during any call or transaction, not even to your agents. This inculcates a sense of trust and reliability in the customer towards you.

4. Cost-effective

Using virtual number for number masking saves your capital and resources in real time. Since you need not purchase a local number for different business locations; number masking comes out to be very cost-effective. Not only it saves your cost but also provides you with an option to expand geographically with minimum charges.

5. Call monitoring

All the calls can be monitored, which get routed to your customers via the cloud service provider’s server. The call monitoring dashboard provides detailed information about the incoming and outgoing calls along with the active calls. It also provides insights about the time and duration of all the calls facilitated by your agent.

Above information clearly shows the perks of deploying phone number masking solution for your business.

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