Steps to Integrate

Steps to integrate SugarCRM
with Acefone

Step 1

Signing in to Acefone

  • Sign in to your Acefone account using your credentials
  • Click on the Download button to install the Acefone Webphone
  • Select the preferred medium for your softphone
step1 image
Step 2

Enabling the integration

  • An .exe file is downloaded. Click on it and enter your credentials again
  • Under the Services tab, click on Integrations
  • Toggle the Enable button to activate SugarCRM
step2 image
Step 3

Logging in to SugarCRM

  • Click on Instructions
  • When the new window opens, click on the Enable button
  • On the new dialogue box, you can choose the user from a dropdown list
  • Log in to your SugarCRM account with your credentials
  • On the SugarCRM homepage, find the Acefone dial button at the bottom right of the page
step3 image