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FinancesOnline Review For Acefone

Acefone recently bagged two honorary awards—“Great User Experience” and “Rising Star”—at the 2020 Awards organised by FinancesOnline

FinancesOnline is a respected platform, where one can read detailed reviews of B2B and SaaS software as provided by industry experts. Well-curated and comprehensive, these reviews offer a deep understanding of different companies and their services. 

FinancesOnline also allows you to compare popular tools and find the perfect software that can fulfil your business needs. 

The experts at FinancesOnline reviewed our software and left us an excellent review. They found our services highly remarkable and awarded us for delivering a great user experience too. 

Acefone’s features that grabbed their attention and appreciation:

  • Easy-to-use online portal to fulfil all contact center needs
  • A scalable and flexible alternative to traditional phone systems
  • Intelligent call monitoring and call tracking 
  • Dedicated round-the-clock customer support
  • Connecting with multiple participants using conferencing tools 
  • Innovative cloud solutions for seamless business communication
  • Effective cloud-hosted solutions for remote working 

The B2B and software experts of FinancesOnline were extremely happy with Acefone’s robust features. 

Receiving an outstanding score of 8.5 and 92% in user satisfaction, Acefone has proven to be a great and rising force in the cloud telephony industry. Acefone is growing to become the first choice for all businesses that require unparalleled and quality cloud communication services.

FinancesOnline uses a special algorithm to identify its award recipients. They evaluated our user experience and the feedback of customers who leave comments, ratings and opinions on the FinancesOnline website. 

With our reliance on a customer-centric approach, Acefone soared through the 100% customer satisfaction mark. This exceptional score helped us land the “Great Customer Service Award”. 

Table of contents

About FinancesOnline

FinancesOnline is a reliable software directory and is well-known for providing unbiased and honest B2B and SaaS software reviews. They operate on an efficient rating system that uses multiple algorithms to calculate a company’s overall score. 

By using a SmartScore system, their software experts do an in-depth analysis and take a comprehensive look at the features and functionality offered by a solution. 

Features like scalability, collaboration, flexibility, customisation, and mobility, among others, are considered while calculating the user satisfaction score. 

Apart from the features, the score also depends on comments, opinions and social media reviews of the particular software.

Visit the FinancesOnline website to get a detailed and honest review of Acefone

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