Benefits of Multiple Data Centres to your Business

Businesses today have complex IT needs. They need to offer high uptime, make use of various cloud computing services, have a thorough disaster recovery plan in place, ensure regulatory compliance and so much more.  While great features facilitate better efficiency and productivity, they also need a robust and reliable system to be able to manage evolving needs and ensure business continuity.

This is possible only when such businesses opt for more than one data centre. Doing so gives their system the stability it needs to facilitate seamless and effective operations.

This article will explore what a data centre does and how having distributed data centres can help your business make a more informed decision when choosing a VoIP provider. 

What is a data centre and what does it do?

According to Paloalto, a data centre is a facility that centralises an organisation’s shared IT operations and equipment to store, process and share data. Data centres can be off-premise and located anywhere globally, not needing to be on-premise. 

These centres can house all of your centralised IT operations safely in the cloud with no need for costly maintenance of on-site hardware. Data centres serve as a back up too. Should anything happen to your phone system or in case of an outage, having data stored in multiple centres decreases your chances of losing all your information.

Several different factors can affect the reliability and quality of your phone service. However, none more so than the location and number of data centres your VoIP provider has available. So, customers should think carefully about the provider they choose and make enquiries into how many data centres they have access to. 

Put simply, the more data centres your hosted phone provider has access to, the more reliable your service will be and the higher quality your service will be too.

Backup your data

We’ve all had a sinking feeling when our system crashes and we lose valuable work. It is frustrating and inconvenient to be slowed down by IT issues, to say the least. This is something that data centres aim to prevent from happening.

When choosing a VoIP provider, be sure to check how frequently you back up your data. With so much information stored within your phone system, such as customer history, preferences and more, you will want to protect it as much as you possibly can. 

If you lose this data, you may miss out on orders or even lose customers. So, as a business owner, you need to do all that you can to prevent this from happening.

Providers who backup data at frequent intervals are much more likely to be able to help you in your time of need and ensure that your business is up and running without any major delays.

And why stop here? 

Consider looking for providers with data centres in multiple locations. Think about it. If a natural disaster were to hit a particular area, providers with multiple data centres in just one location will lose all of the data stored on them. The end result? You will be left without your vital business communication system.

On the other hand, let’s say that a provider has data centres in different locations. Even if a disaster hits one of these areas, they will have multiple other centres safely housing all the data. Such providers will be able to restore backups quicker, keep their customers online, and help them communicate with minimal downtime. 

Having a presence in different geographical locations also means that this provider can better serve the needs of global clients. Thus, as a business owner, you should look for a provider who gives you numerous options and shouldn’t go for someone only on the basis of their prices or location.

Faster speeds and connectivity

Business moves fast, and if you wanna get ahead of the competition, you need to look for a provider who has distributed data centres. Providers with only one data centre may struggle to give you the speed and connectivity you need. This is owing to the fact that bandwidth reduces when one data centre is shared between your business and countless other businesses worldwide. 

Having multiple data centres fixes this issue. Instead of businesses having to rely on bandwidth from one centre, they’ll be able to enjoy equal speeds by utilising bandwidth from different centres. 

Moreover, if that one data centre is down for maintenance or due to any technical glitches, organisations will have to halt their processes and may incur losses in the process. A multi-data centre strategy ensures that businesses are online 24x7x365 and have easy access to their phone system or important data. 

They’re also able to benefit from edge computing, which essentially refers to pushing data computation and storage closer to the edge of the network and away from a centralised server. Doing so improves server response time and consequently, saves bandwidth.

Remember, connectivity is key to keeping your business running and competitive, and any downtime could be a chance for customers to move onto your competitors. Ensure this doesn’t happen by opting for a provider with multiple data centres to keep you going at all times.

Grow your business with nothing holding you back

Your VoIP provider should want your business to grow as much as you do. Multi-data centre providers have the space and bandwidth that you need to be able to scale exponentially as and when you want to. 

They can simply add lines to your phone system with no issues and accommodate growing information as your business expands. Those with only single data centres may struggle to achieve the same, and you could experience outages or downtime as the server struggles to deal with the amount of demand being placed on it.

Whether you see your business growing now or years in the future, opting for a provider with multiple data centres will ultimately save you time and money. These resources you can then invest directly in supporting your business’ growth. 

The bottom line is

While they may not be the most glamorous feature offered by a hosted phone system provider, data centres are the backbone of the system itself. Having multiple centres can provide an amazing array of benefits to your business, all of which contribute to consistent performance and long-term growth.

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