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Guide To 24x7 Customer Service

The Complete Guide To 24/7 Support For Your Contact Centre

The importance of contact centres goes far beyond answering customer calls. It is the focal point to attract consumers and build trust among your target audience. Even if…
6 Ingredients For CX Recipe Customer Will Love

6 Ingredients For A CX Recipe Your Customers Will Love

'Customer is king' is undisputed even in this day and age. Needless to say, all the power rests within the hands of the customers. And this is a truth that businesses need…
Conversational AI For Better Customer Service

Conversational AI - 5 Ways Its Changing Customer Service

Conversational AI has seamlessly become an integral part of our lives over the last few years. Devices like Alexa and Google Home are used by most people alongside voice-activated…
51 Customer Service Thoughts To Inspire You and Your Team

51 Customer Service Quotes That Will Inspire You and Your Team

Every business aspires to deliver seamless customer experiences. However, it isn't always possible to strike the right balance between business needs and goals. It is always…
Delivering Perfect Customer Experience with Netflix

Delivering Perfect Customer Experience With Netflix: See What's Next

It's a cold, lazy Friday night, and you have no plans whatsoever—thanks to the exhausting week at work. But who said Friday nights are meant for parties anyway? No,…
Customer Service in 2025

What Will Customer Service Look Like In 2025?

Five years doesn’t sound that far away, but it is a long time in terms of customer service. If we think back to 2015, online customer service wasn’t as prevalent as it…