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Businesswoman using VoIP phone to call customers

While your teams are like body parts of your business, your customers are like oxygen; without them you can’t survive. Keeping them happy must be every business’s priority. Customer service teams are the ones responsible for making that happen. Therefore, they must embrace the latest technology to deliver efficient communication for better customer experiences. 

This is where Voice over IP phones step into the picture. Voice over Internet Protocol aka VoIP phones allows teams to connect with customers via calls made over the internet. Giving them access to VoIP phones helps them retain and upsell customers, enhance customer experience, and deliver prompt responses. 

Explore why customer service teams need VoIP phone systems to communicate efficiently with clients and ensure your business’s long-term survival. 

What are Voice Over IP phones?

A Voice over IP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone aka VoIP phone is a cloud phone system that enables voice communication over the internet instead of traditional telephone lines. It converts analog audio signals into digital data, which is transmitted over the internet in packets and converted back to analog signal on the receiving end. 

VoIP phones utilize the internet’s infrastructure, allowing your teams to communicate efficiently, analyze conversations, and scale operations with ease for better customer experience. The technology leverages internet connectivity to facilitate voice calls, offering scalability, real time metrics, remote work compatibility, and integration with CRM platforms for ease of access. 

Why Customer Service Teams Need Voice over IP Phones? 

Voice over IP phones give customer service teams enhanced call clarity and reliability. The VoIP system’s flexibility allows agents to work remotely, ensuring accessibility and continuity of service. Additionally, VoIP phones offer features like call routing, call analytics, and more. Out of the numerous factors that make VoIP phones a suitable companion for customer services, here are five critical reasons that make it obvious to get one. 

Reduced Wait Time 

Implementing Voice over IP phones can assist in reducing customer wait times. Studies show that 28% customers hang up if kept waiting for more than 5 minutes. Features such as call queuing and intelligent call routing enable customer service teams to distribute incoming calls efficiently among available agents. With VoIP phones, CS teams can streamline call handling, ensuring that customers receive prompt assistance, delivering more positive experiences. 

Call Automations 

VoIP phones equip customer service teams with automation that enhances their efficiency. For instance, auto dialers allow agents to ring multiple contacts without dialing each number. It uses multiple ringing strategies to engage more customers with available agents and avoid manual dialing, improving overall productivity. At Acefone we offer preview and ratio dialers, two of the most efficient auto dialers, to ensure agents engage more clients while maintaining the desired call quality. 

Zero Missed Calls 

Voice over IP phones help eliminate the problem of missed calls with features like call forwarding and voicemail to email. Call forwarding ensures that calls are directed to available agents, reducing the chances of customers dropping off the call. Voicemail to email allows agents to receive and respond to voicemail messages promptly, preventing any missed opportunities for customer engagement. 

Cost-Effective Plans 

Voice over IP phones generally offer more cost-effective plans compared to traditional landline services. By leveraging the internet for business communication, you can remove extensive infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with traditional phone lines. The cost savings allow your customer service teams to allocate resources more efficiently. It enables them to invest in other areas that contribute to a better overall customer experience. 

Deep Call Analytics 

VoIP phones also offer advanced analytics tools that provide valuable insights into call metrics and customer interactions. Your teams can leverage these analytics to identify trends, monitor agent performance, and gain a deeper understanding of customer needs. By analyzing call data, you can implement targeted training programs, optimize team workflow, and refine their customer service strategies. It ultimately leads to a more effective and customer-centric approach. 


Voice over IP phones empower your customer service teams with tools and features that make interactions memorable and enjoyable. VoIP phones also give you an upper hand over competitors using traditional phone systems. Whether it’s leads or existing customers, handling queries becomes significantly streamlined for your teams. VoIP phones also facilitate remote working teams ensuring customers receive prompt services whenever and wherever possible. 

Get a VoIP phone for your business

If you’re still using a traditional phone system for your business, now is the right time to switch to Voice over IP phones for customer services. It will ensure your business keeps getting a sufficient and consistent supply of oxygen. 

Get in touch with us if you wish to know more about VoIP phone service. Feel free to call us at 1888-859-0450 or mail us at [email protected]. 

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