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How Do You Keep Customer Happy?

Customer Is King, Indeed. But How Do You Keep One Happy?

Over the past many months, as the world has battled a global medical emergency, the changes thrust upon us have not been restricted to any specific sector or aspect of life…
How To Use Customer Data To Help Customers

How to Use Customer Data to Help Customers?

The world runs on numbers. That’s why it comes as no surprise that customer experience has also become largely data-driven. Rising user expectations demand more than just…
Cloud Communication Assisting Healthcare Service provider

How Cloud Communications Are Assisting Healthcare Service Providers During COVID-19?

As the world continues to fight COVID-19, doctors and nurses have become the frontline warriors who protect us against a pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives.  The…
Customer Service Stats Infographic

15 Customer Service Stats You Just Can’t Ignore [Infographic]

Ever wondered why most people visit their favourite coffee place again and again? Why is it that some brands are able to retain most of their customers? And, more so, how…
Benefits of Supporting Customer Support Suite

5 Benefits of Integrating Customer Support Suite With Business Phone System

Your customer support suite and business phone system should seamlessly work together to help your agents deliver impeccable customer service. If, instead, they work independently,…

5 Common Customer Service Complaints and Tips To Handle Them

When it comes to customer service, complaints come with the territory. It is how you handle complaints that sets you apart from the competition. A customer complaint is…