A phone system is what your business needs to better connect with its customers. Learn more about how phone systems can benefit your business.

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Number Porting Myths Debunked

Myths Debunked: Number Porting

A strong customer base is built through a robust and reliable telephonic system. These systems improve visibility and ensure quick support to customers. So, what happens if…
Communication Audit With Acefone Online Portal

Perfect your Communication Audits with Acefone’s Online Portal

A business is more than numbers, profits, and corporate jargon. It involves people, rather exists for people. And for humans to work in tandem, impeccable communication is…
Why Traditional Telephony Is Obsolete

10 Reasons Why Traditional Telephony System Are Obsolete in 2021

A telephony system is a fuel that runs every contact centre. It helps your representatives connect with your target audience efficiently and vice versa. However, you should…
Guide To Internal Communication with Hosted Phone System

Enhance Your Internal Communications With A Hosted Phone System

Customer communication is important, yes––but it’s equally essential to optimise internal communications. How efficiently your teams communicate with each other determines…
Cloud Communication For Government Sector

How Cloud Communications Have Helped The Government Navigate COVID-19

As we get ready to leave behind 2020 and step into the new year, we can sit back and recap how things went—and how they’re likely to continue for at least a while in the…
How Cloud Communication Can help You In Planning a Wedding?

Wedding In The Time Of Pandemic: How Cloud Communications Can Help You In Planning?

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly taken a toll on the way we lead our lives. Weddings are no exception to this.  With the priority being social distancing, organising…