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An idea is only as good as its execution. The same can be said for implementing a CX strategy, right from the first idea to an agent’s interaction with a customer. Managing the project is as important as the concept and ensures a good finished product, which in this case is the customer’s experience.

We spoke to Carsten Ley, expert extraordinaire in project management, change management, business transformation and customer experience. After leading large-scale project implementation across Europe, Latin-America and Southeast Asia for companies like Deloitte, Volkswagen, Rolls-Royce and Lazada, Ley founded a management consulting firm of his own to take his method to others.  

His firm, Asia PMO, focuses on helping companies efficiently implement company objectives, build a team-oriented environment, get clients quickly and improve customer experience. Ley is now passing his knowledge on as a certified project management professional, public speaker and podcaster. He is also an internationally known keynote speaker, management trainer and coach. 

We sat with him to pick his brain and get some of his top tips on customer experience and strategy, a subject for which he was elected as one of the Top 150+ Global Customer Experience Thought Leaders and Influencers of 2020.  


Fulfill your customer needs flawlessly

Ley believes that when it comes to customer experience, there is no room for error.  One must anticipate the needs and issues of consulting customers based on experience and advise them before things get urgent. However, in the event that this hasn’t happened yet, he has a step-by-step method. 

“First you need to listen and understand the underlying frustration,” says Ley. “Fix the issue as soon as possible personally, and then make sure that a similar issue will not occur within the organization again.”

Develop a good CX strategy

Ley also attributes good customer experience to good CX strategy. He believes that companies, especially startups, should build their teams, products, services and processes with future customers in mind. 

However, the pandemic with its requirements of social distancing and no contact eliminated the possibility of a human touch as we knew it. Ley believes that despite these circumstances, adding any sort of personal touch to an automated process is a huge plus.  

Apart from customer centricity, Ley is also a proponent of developing a great employee experience and keeping up with new technologies and communication channels.  

“It is very important especially for frontline and customer-facing employees to have them (customers) in a situation in which they feel good and empowered to fully focus on customers,” he says. He believes that CX professionals should never stay the same and keep reinventing themselves to stay up to date

Personalize the situation even when automated

One of Ley’s most important rules of thumb is to remember that while AI makes lives significantly easier, one must still do their best to give their customers exactly what they want and need.  

“Automate with personalization,” he says. “Do not forget that you deal with individuals who have different journey and communication needs.” 

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About the expert

Carsten Ley is the founder of Asia PMO, a management consulting firm specializing in project management, experience management and business management. With over two decades of experience in the field, Ley is also a keynote speaker, giving talks on the above subjects across the world. Ley is based in Vietnam from where he runs his firm. 


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