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Why Omnichannel Communication is Important.

Omnichannel communication is essential for modern businesses to keep up with the demands of customers. Customers today expect to be able to reach your business at any time and through a channel which suits them, so your business should make sure that it is available to customers wherever they need you.

Deliver great customer experience across all touchpoints

Omnichannel communication gives you more opportunities to impress your customers, however, you must make sure that customer service standards are maintained across all channels to really benefit from this method of communication.

Omnichannel communication is highly important as part of a modern communications strategy as customers have come to expect great service wherever they happen to get in contact with you, and may even leave your business for a competitor if getting in touch is difficult or if service slips.

If you have invested in great customer service across all communication channels then this will reflect in your customer retention and sales figures, as customers will be much more likely to stay with you.

A hosted phone system can help make omnichannel communications run much more smoothly, by integrating information from social media and your CRM system smoothly into your phone system so you can keep track of exactly where the customer has made contact with your business and can, therefore, deliver a much better service.

Reach more customers

Being present and active on multiple channels gives your business a unique opportunity to be seen by a wider range of customers.

Different types of customers will prefer to communicate in different ways and using different methods, so omnichannel communications can ensure that no customers are alienated or left behind as you boost your communication strategy.

Implementing an omnichannel communication strategy can, therefore, boost business and give you a competitive edge, plus this can open your business up to markets you might not have previously considered.

You can store useful information about all of your new customers within your hosted phone system, including their preferred method of contact and detailed notes about their business; this gives you the opportunity to wow your customers on each interaction as you will have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Get an edge on competitors

You should not wait for your competitors to adopt an omnichannel communication solution when you can get ahead of the curve by implementing it yourself.

Your business is available on multiple channels can give your business the competitive edge it needs to grow and develop.

If customers searching for a product or service come across your business who are making it easy to get in touch in any way they prefer to, compared to a competitor with only one method of contact; the customer will choose the business who are easy to deal with and who have accommodated their needs and wants.

Your business will be able to catch customers at all the touchpoints during their research process, answering any questions and generally being available to them with minimal effort; this will not go unnoticed by potential customers who, when ready to buy, are much more likely to spend their money with a business who will make their life easier – particularly with a larger purchase.

If you have a hosted phone system, you can gain a further edge on your competitors by using the amazing range of features available to you.

With virtual assistants, integration with CRM, unlimited extensions and much more customers will enjoy a seamless journey through your purchase process while you can keep track of their progression in your easy to use the online portal from Acefone.

The ability of a hosted phone system to run on any device means that you can hire agents worldwide, and can be available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if your business requires it.

Be where your customers are

An omnichannel communication strategy offers you unrivalled exposure to your customers. If your business is present where your customers are active, you can remain in front of mind when they come to look for your product or service.

For your Marketing team, being present where customers are is an integral part of any communication strategy and this is fundamental to increasing your sales and brand awareness, so opening up lines of communication between your business and your customers is a great way to help your marketing team bring in more leads and create much more awareness about your brand.

Omnichannel communications are highly important in today’s business world, and customers will expect multiple ways to contact you to suit their needs.

Customers are time-poor, so having more ways to contact you at their convenience means that they will be much more likely to use your business when purchasing goods or services, building up a great relationship and trust at every touchpoint.

A hosted phone system can help you integrate all your communications into one place, leaving your customer service team free to dedicate their time to following leads and dealing with any enquiries.

If you would like to find out more about how omnichannel communications can boost your business, call today on 1888-859-0450 and speak to Acefone about a hosted phone system.

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