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Why Free Phone Numbers are Must for a Small Business

If you say you want to communicate without revealing your phone number or choose to stay private, Number Masking is bona fide for you. This allows you to be associated with any party without stressing about your privacy. With mode of communication shifting to online, it is extremely important that the data is kept secure. Cyber theft is a major concern nowadays with anti-national organizations and hackers having the knowledge can easily break into the accounts. To achieve this, various companies are using number masking model to create a medium where end-user and sellers can communicate without exposing each other’s phone numbers.

With numerous ride-hailing companies offering services like ridesharing, delivery, etc. and globally running the project, it is important that the process of handling the customer’s is fast and secure.

This technology helps you dispense with complicated and a long process of reaching an organization to get connected to the desired department.

The ideator of this went through multiple processes while developing this technology keeping it mind with the current privacy structure. Needless to say, it creates a process of higher efficiency and faster communication. Ideally, it maximizes quality and minimizes cost. This technology is the best method to communicate as well as restrict your identity.

How does Number Masking Work?

You must have experienced while booking a cab, the rider gets assigned a driver automatically and a number gets flashed in the mobile application. This number is a bridge that connects the parties to communicate with each other without exposing their private mobile numbers. Cloud Telephony Providers like Acefone comes handy in achieving this. So how does this work?

Through Acefone, by purchasing a Virtual Mobile Number, customer can use the feature of number masking.

  • The end user clicks on the number in the mobile application of the cab service provider. By clicking on the number, it directs the call to the destination after making a request to the Database API where the customer and the driver are mapped.
  • Acefone triggers the caller number to the API URL. In response to that, by checking the database through API, it fetches the destination number to get the call forwarded. In simple words, Acefone system asks the customer’s API what to do with the call.
  • This way driver receives the caller with the caller ID 9112XXXXX number, thus creating a private mode of communication.

Below is the simple flow that would help in understanding the Number Masking module.

Caller –> Virtual Mobile Number –> Destination Number

Virtual Number acts as a medium to divert the calls based on the destination set in the database.

Why Number Masking is a key feature for the business?

1) Data Security

Numbers are not exposed between the two parties, thus removing the question of data lapse. Companies gets a feature of not sharing the database with their staff and also, keeping the business on course.

2) Call Monitoring and Tracking

To track the call data, recordings,  Acefone provides a Panel which is easy to use and accessible from anywhere. These recordings, call duration can be accessed through the Acefone Mobile Application as well.

3) Superior Customer Experience

Knowing that personal numbers does not get reflected to both parties makes them comfortable to communicate.

4) Faster Communication

Instead of calling to a centralized number, the calls get mapped to the destination number based on the response received from the API.

5) Cost Effective

With the setup done on the internet, it saves cost. While the business runs globally, single setup achieves this solution thus cutting the cost.

Privacy is Key for Future Business

According to whitepaper ‘Current State of Cybercrime-2019’, released by RSA Security, social media fraud has increased by 43% in 2018.

Thus, it creates an urgency of preserving the customer’s information from get leaked. People respect their privacy and anonymity more and more, considering the fact that we’re living in the world where social media has made an impact where we let people have an insight at our lives – but this happens on our condition, the authority remains with us what we have to share. Using Number Masking, you make sure the customer’s feel secure thus growing your business. Get started with the feature according to your business needs. To get started with the process and creating a secure environment for your customers through number masking, please contact  Acefone.

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