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Omnichannel Communication for better Customer Experience.

Omnichannel communication is a way to approach the customer across different communication media while maintaining a seamless experience. It means irrespective of the communication channel, the customer is communicating through the voice calls, chat, email, or social media, the agent can continue the same conversation over different channels.

With omnichannel communication, the customer has the leisure to switch between different media of communication while not having to explain the same problem again and again.

According to Accenture, – “There is a clear trend in many industries toward the use of multi-channel approaches to engaging with customers. But in focusing on multi-channel, companies may be overlooking a more fundamental need—for a seamless, omnichannel approach that provides a single, unified experience for the customer across all channels.”

If you think that providing your customers with only voice support or email support is enough, then you are wrong. Customers today like to use multiple devices and keeps switching on different channels. They don’t think twice about using a combination of channels for communication.

For any business, it is essential to provide your customers with the best experience possible. Here are six ways how omnichannel communication will help you provide a better experience to your customers.

1. Convenience for Customers

Every customer will prefer the most convenient way to communicate. With omnichannel communication, no matter how many times the customer changes its platform for communication, you wouldn’t lose any data from the previous time the conversation took place.

It is saved there in the CRM, and the agent can retrieve it anytime they want and connect the customers again at a given time.

  In today’s world, the customer is more knowledgeable than ever. They can always compare the features you and your competitors provide and will always choose the one that fits their needs. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure your customers the comfort that they desire and make your business stand out from the competition.

2. Customer Satisfaction

With the option to choose their preferred channel for communication, the customer will be more satisfied with the service, it helps your company to grow its reputation.

The research by Accenture, as mentioned earlier, also reveals that the customers today have a much higher expectation when it comes to communication with the business.

A satisfied customer will most likely refer the company to someone else, and it will lead to saving cost on marketing as your customers will become your marketers. With omnichannel communication, you allow your clients to engage with you in whichever channel they see fit. In this way, you empower your customers and give them a great experience.

3. Insights of Customer

Omnichannel communication is unified communication. It means that you get all of your customer’s data in one place no matter how many different communication media over they interacted with your company.

With all the data assembled in one dashboard, it is a lot easier for your agents to work with the customer. It also means no matter how many times the customer switches the channel of communication, your agent will always be prepared with the client’s data, which will make sure that the client does not have to repeat himself again and again.

It is not only an excellent experience for the customer, but it is also a superior experience for your agents too. With unified communication, you not only save time, but it also increases the productivity of the agents as they can deliver good customer service with all the information handy.

4. Real-Time Customer Engagement

The businesses are continually putting effort into keeping up with the demands of the customers, which are increasing every day. What’s more is that, if you fail to provide your customer’s query with an answer in real-time, the customer will not hesitate to leave.

Omnichannel communication allows you to connect with your customers in real-time with chats & chatbots, voice calls, screen sharing, and co-browsing.
This, in turn, makes the customer stay connected to your company, and they feel being actively involved with your services. The customer will put more trust in a business that will provide them with  solutions in real-time.

5. Business Continuity

As omnichannel communication is a cloud-based service, you can take advantage of all of its features even if you or your agents are on the move, provided you are connected to the internet.

This means that your agents will be able to work remotely from any location to provide optimum customer service to your clients. The customer will not have to wait for the office hours to start if he is in an emergency and needs immediate help; your agents can handle the problem from wherever they are.

This will greatly enhance your business productivity and deliver the best customer service possible to your clients, resulting in building a strong and positive name for your brand.

6. Customer Retention

Retaining a customer is essential for any business. A loyal customer is always profitable to the company, will provide better feedback, and will promote your business by word of mouth.

Providing your clients with omnichannel communication makes sure that you retain that customer as you handle all their problems within their comfort zone.

This gives your customer a very positive outlook towards your company, and the customer tends to come back to your services because of the great experience he had before. It helps you retain your client and earn your company a loyal customer.

Summing Up

To generate more conversions, and to increase the revenue of your business, it is crucial to provide your customer with omnichannel communication.

As the customers today want everything done within their comfort zone, not being able to provide communication in the right way to them may lead to the downfall of your business.

With omnichannel communication, you not only provide your customers with the best possible experience according to their convenience, you also make it easier for your agents to handle the tasks.

Every business that is growing fast and aims to lead the industry is already providing its customers with omnichannel communication.
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