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Sales success depends on a number of factors, from the quality of your product to the need for your product or service in the marketplace.

However, even with high quality and in-demand product, your sales team need to have the right traits to connect with your customer and sell the products to them.

If the customer does not relate to your salesperson they are unlikely to buy from your business, so here are the top 5 traits successful salespeople should have to help your business improve its sales success.

Ability To Listen

A salesperson should always listen carefully to the customer and their needs and base their recommendations on what the customer wants.

If customers feel listened to, they will trust the salesperson more and will be more likely to build up a working relationship with them; which means a more profitable business relationship for you as a business owner.

The ability to connect and relate to customers only comes when the salesperson is a good listener if they are too pushy trying to gain more money from the client without hearing the clients problems and providing them with a solution.

Connecting with customers is aided by a great communication system, which is reliable and can provide the crystal clear communications your customers expect.

A hosted phone system can give you this reliable communication system so your staff can confidently listen to customer’s needs without fear of missing a minute.

With Acefone’s online portal, salespeople can save information about customers to refer back to on their accounts – so everything you need is at your fingertips.


Salespeople will often face rejection and difficult sales, so they must be resilient and able to keep going even in the face of adversity.

Salespeople need to be resilient and be willing to put in extra work to gain the trust of customers and this may mean going out to their homes or businesses to meet face to face to sell their products or services. 

When a salesperson needs to go out into the community to sell their products or services, they need to have a phone system which can keep up.

A cloud phone system is fully portable and can transfer to any device, so your sales team are free to go wherever your customers are which will give you the best chance of sales success.

The Ability To Multitask

The sales team must have the ability to multitask; they may have multiple client accounts to manage, client meetings, new business enquiries and more to juggle at once.

So it is important that they are confident at multitasking so they can cope with all the challenges a fast-paced career in sales can throw at your team.

When a sales team can multitask your business can run smoothly and you will experience greater sales success.

Your sales team should not be held back by your phone system, they should be able to work from wherever they need to be without fear of missing a call or lead.

A hosted phone system forwards all your voicemails to your email address so your sales team never miss a lead and can follow up with customers when they are next free.

Their daily task list may require them to juggle multiple tasks at once, but this should not mean they miss out on any new leads coming in – a hosted phone system makes keeping up to date much more manageable.


Sales professionals should be adaptable to any situation.

Customer needs and expectations will be different with every person they deal with, so they should be able to adapt their approach based on the person or business they are talking to.

A salesperson should be confident listening to customers and then choosing their approach accordingly.

To sell a product successfully, your sales team should be prepared to go the extra mile to make customers feel valued and built that all-important trust – so they need a phone system which can adapt as quickly as they can.

Most enquiries from business to business will come in over the phone, or an online enquiry which is followed up by a phone call.

So it is really important that your team are well trained in using all the features of your phone system to help serve your customers and cater to their needs.

If a customer has a question they do not have the expertise to answer, they can be transferred in a few clicks to another salesperson who can help answer the query effectively.

They can also switch onto different, compatible devices to access their files and continue speaking with customers in a way which works for them.

This portability also means that sales professionals can go wherever they are needed to make a sale, with nothing holding them back.

Communication skills

Finally, the most important skill a sales professional can have is great communication skills.

Sales professionals must be able to communicate freely and openly with anyone who calls your business and must be able to deal with people from all walks of life.

If a sales team fail to communicate with customers accurately, this can lead to problems further down the line and unsatisfied customers who feel they have been mis-sold a product or service; which can decrease your sales success in the future.

Further to this, sales teams should have the ability to communicate internally with each other too.

Sharing expertise and experiences will help the team as a whole grow stronger and deliver better customer service, while also seeing improved sales figures.

A useful feature on your hosted phone system is call recordings, where you can access all recorded calls with a click of a button on the online portal and can share this with other sales professionals who can learn from the experience of their colleagues.

To find out more about how a cloud phone system can help improve your sales success, call our team on 1888-859-0450.

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