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Benefits of Supporting Customer Support Suite

Your customer support suite and business phone system should seamlessly work together to help your agents deliver impeccable customer service. If, instead, they work independently, then you could be missing out on amazing benefits and features. You may lose out an opportunity for taking your customer service, and your business itself, to the next level.

In this article, we will go through some of the benefits of integrating your customer support suite with your business phone system. 

1. Information at your Fingertips

Firstly, knowledge is power. So, when your customer service team is given all the information they need as soon as they pick up a call, you can rest assured that they have all the tools they need to deliver great service. 

Integrating your customer support suite with your business phone system ensures that both systems are sharing information. Hence, when an agent picks up the phone, they will be able to access customers’ records quickly without having to log into a separate system. If the agent can access everything they need in one place, they will have more time to deal with the queries. When that happens, a quick resolution isn’t far behind.

Optimising call time enables agents to deal with each customer faster and with the same level of professionalism and efficiency. Therefore, they will also be able to take more calls and cut the average wait time. All of these improved services add up to enhanced customer experience and happy, loyal customers for your business! 

Customers will also feel more valued if your agents can access the information they have previously collected to deliver a highly personalised service—taking into account specific needs of customers.

2. Store Call Recordings on Customer Files

Customer call recordings can be saved easily on a hosted phone system, and you can access the recording you need by searching the online portal. This enables you to keep accurate records of the conversations you have had with customers. 

If you integrate both your customer support software and your business phone system, you can save call recordings under that customer’s account for easy access.

While dealing with a large number of calls, agents may forget part of an order or might be unsure of any specific instruction. The ability to pull up call recordings directly from their phone system allows agents to easily verify an order and ensure all the details are correct. 

In the worst case scenario, where a misunderstanding between the customer and agent might lead to conflict, call recordings can be used to protect your staff and business.  You can listen to exactly what has been said without relying on second hand accounts of the conversation which are often inaccurate.

Whatever may be the reason to find a particular call recording, with both systems integrated, you can find the audio file easily along with the rest of the customer’s data.

3. Save Money on Calls and Maintenance

Integrated systems mean more information and a better chance of solving any issues on the first call. This, in turn, will economise your expenditure on call costs, since otherwise agents might have had to call back customers in different parts of the world. 

A hosted phone system will keep call costs to a minimum. However, unoptimised working hours could be costly to your business. Therefore, integrating your systems is a great way to help save time and money!

Your IT team will also benefit from your systems being integrated, since they will only have to maintain one system. This frees up their time to make improvements to your systems or focus on other areas. IT departments are vital to improving business operations generally, so saving their time is a great way to use their expertise more effectively and to keep maintenance costs down for your business.

4. Harness Detailed Customer Analytics for your Marketing Campaigns

Cloud phone system give you detailed information about your customers, including their calls to your business, notes that agents have made about their calls, and more.  However, if you integrate your customer support suite with your business phone system, you can unlock even more analytics about your customers and their interactions with your business.

When integrated, you can pull detailed reports on customer behaviours and use these insights to create targeted marketing campaigns. For instance, if you find your customers are more likely to respond to direct sales calls, you can put those into place. You can also use customer behaviour analysis to modify email campaigns for busy customers.

Alternatively, you may consider using the analytics to optimise your spending. Custom phone numbers help you track the number of incoming calls from each campaign and figure out what works best for your business without wasting your marketing budget.

4. Increase Efficiency across your Business

Centralised information helps save time, while in-depth customer information helps to provide a better user experience. The combined effects of these benefits can be seen across your whole business—not only for your sales or customer service team.

By having everything at one place, it is easier to train staff on how to accurately create and maintain customer records. Human error can sometimes cause information loss or inaccuracies in the system, and this margin for error increases when you have multiple systems running at once. By integrating your phone system and customer service system you can lessen the room for error and enjoy the benefits of seamless customer interactions.

Inaccurate information or miscommunication can cost your business money in the form of compensation for irate customers, with the added cost of a damaged reputation. 

Essentially, it is ideal to have a unified platform with access to all the information needed for the efficient running of your business. As the cherry on the cake, you save time and money in these difficult times! 

Both the staff and customers will benefit from your data being organised in one, powerful system and this, in turn, will have a positive impact on your business’ finances.

To find out more about how we can help you run a more efficient business by integrating your customer support systems with your hosted phone system, call our experts today on 1888-859-0450.

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