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Factors To Consider Before Investing in Cloud Phone System

As humans, we are always striving for more. And technology’s rapid pace suits us just fine, increasing everyone’s expectations. Businesses are no less; they are constantly looking for new ways to reach their customers and shifting to a hosted cloud phone system is the way forward.  

Cloud-based phone system, in simple words, is a system located outside the company’s premises and promises added security and reliable communication.

Now, there are several perks associated with a hosted phone system, besides just the advantages of a cloud platform. But, before you invest in a system and move your telecommunication system to the cloud, you must consider a few factors.

Major Factors to Consider before Investing in a Cloud Phone System

1. Cost

Every new setup in your business brings extra expenditure. It is important to consider this cost in line with the budget of your business before investing. A multifaceted VoIP phone system might be expensive. Therefore, you must look at the charges, especially if you have recently started your business.

It is also advisable to consider long-term subscriptions—two-year or five-year plans are definitely more cost-efficient. 

2. Hosting Provider

A cloud communication service is all about hosting. It is the backbone of your new communication setup. Therefore, you need to know whether your service provider is credible and what products they offer. 

How does your hosting provider manage its cloud network? This is the prime question that you should have an answer to before investing in a cloud-based phone system. 

3. Security and Convenience

When running a business, security is always a concern. VoIP telephony has many advantages but running the company’s communication on the cloud can leave it vulnerable. If your call runs on a public network, you are at an even higher risk. Thus, there is a need for a detailed analysis before implementation.

Not only security but convenience might also be an issue with hosted phone systems. You want a system that requires the least maintenance and offers the highest quality calling so that you can concentrate on other important tasks.  Hence, research well. 

4. International Calls

If your call center deals with international calls, you have to be cautious while picking your cloud-based phone system. Choosing one that offers greater discounts on international call packages can help you save on heavy expenditure.

Make sure the provider you choose offers hassle-free services. You don’t want to troubleshoot or re-install associated software every now and then.

5. Customer Service

After-sale support is among the essential factors that you must look for in any hosted phone system. You can’t escape the fact that you may require assistance. Therefore, the support department should be proficient enough to assist you round the clock.

You need to pick a service provider that puts its customers above everything else, just the way you do for your callers. Your service provider should be quick to respond and address your issues in no-time. If you have a good local service provider, they could even provide offline assistance.

6. Service Integration

If you already have a steady workflow in your business, incorporating a new cloud business phone system may disrupt a few things. A good service provider will ensure a seamless transition, so you must pick wisely. 

Invest in a system that offers the least disruption and is easily adaptable to your business functions in the long term. 

7. Compatibility

If you already have a system in place, you can’t upgrade everything at the same time. Find out if your existing technology is compatible with the proposed cloud phone system. If you are thinking of integrating new technology with the old one in your company, it is important to ensure compatibility.

Often, businesses have machines for fax, credit card, and other digital functions that work through the Internet. Ask your service provider about these devices and integrations. 

8. Customisation Needs

Every business has its own set of requirements. Choosing an expensive service provider won’t help if the service can’t be tailored to your needs. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ service might not work. 

Your business has specific requirements from the phone system, which might not match others’. Hence, just like two businesses aren’t identical, the service of the cloud-based phone system shouldn’t be either. Look for a provider that offers customisable options and plans.

9. Your User’s Requirement

If you plan on investing in a new business phone system, but never ignore your employees’ requirements while making the decisions, then it will be a failure. A new system will change the way your employees operate so you need to make sure that they are comfortable with this new technology shift. It should be convenient for them first. 

It is always good to analyse your employees’ feedback or complaints about the existing setup to understand their requirements. Keep in mind their expectations from the new phone system and align all the suggestions before you purchase one. After all, your employees are the ones who will operate the new system; consulting them is never a harm.

Summing up

There are many factors that you must inspect before purchasing a cloud phone system, ranging from software integration to finances, from compatibility to customer satisfaction and more. 

A business phone system might be fruitful and have its own benefits, however, you need to find one which suits your business needs. 

Acefone’s cloud phone system is the answer to all your queries and will put an end to your search. It is one of the best providers for hosted or business phone systems and does not compromise on quality or security. 

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