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Many employees are working from home and this could be a completely new experience for them, so it is more important than ever to keep the lines of communication open for them so they can communicate just as easily as they would sitting across a table from each other in an office.

Communication is key to ensuring productivity is kept up during this difficult time, and ensuring that staff remain motivated while working remotely.

Keep Motivation High

Staff who have been working in an office may be used to having colleagues around to help keep them motivated, with regular meetings and updates on the business.

If working from home is new to them, they may initially struggle to keep their motivation up without the support of their colleagues and management; but this is where a hosted phone system comes in.

Hosted phone systems give staff the chance to communicate freely through whichever device they prefer with colleagues, customers and managers so they do not lose any momentum they have built up while working in the office.

If staff can communicate easily with each other, they can still share information and complete training which will motivate them to get through this difficult time of isolation and come out with stronger working relationships to benefit them in the future.

Staff who do not have access to communications with colleagues can begin to feel a disconnect from the business and may not deliver their best work as they do not feel part of a team or that they are valued by their employer.

Reliable Communications

If communications break down due to a technical fault, it can be very difficult at this time to access the support you need to, for example, fix a traditional phone system so you will not only miss out on customer calls but will lose the connections between your staff who are unable to provide or share vital information.

With a hosted phone system, you will benefit from a more reliable phone system with all your data stored remotely, so if anything should happen to your premises your hosted phone system can be back up and running in minutes and you and your staff do not have to miss any important messages.

When working from home, employees will be relying on their phone systems to keep them connected to each other and to your customers; so reliability is key to keep everything moving.

The last thing a business owner wants is staff cut off from each other, as they will not be able to do their jobs effectively and will lose any cohesion they have built up in their team; so investing in a reliable form of communication is key in these trying times during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sharing Of Information Between Teams

Each of your teams will have their own areas of expertise, and your business will work more effectively and will be able to service customers much better when your staff can effectively communicate with each other.

It is important for staff to share their knowledge and expertise with other employees so they can learn and develop from each other’s skills.

This knowledge sharing has a knock-on effect on your customers too, who will benefit from knowledgeable staff who are working seamlessly to provide them with a great experience.

To ensure that information can be shared freely, a hosted phone system opens up lines of communication between staff all over the world.

As hosted phone systems work over an internet connection your staff can communicate at any time of day, to any country in the world for a low cost – which can be managed on Acefone’s easy to use online portal.

Staff can simply dial another employee’s extension number and enjoy crystal clear communications with them, no matter where they are.

Or they can use the conference calling facility to hold department meetings where all staff can share ideas and insights, all for the benefit of your business and your customers.

Using Acefone’s Online Portal For Communications

Acefone’s online portal provides another way for your staff to communicate, this time through the option to leave detailed notes on customer accounts so they can be accessed quickly by other employees.

If there is anything important that employees should know about they can ensure that this is noted in the customers’ records, easily accessible by other employees.

Encouraging sharing of information in this way helps both employees and customers, as they can ensure that they save time on calls as the customer does not have to go through their whole query with every employee they talk to.

This is particularly important when employees are working from home as this may be one of the only lines of communication between employees.

There is a danger of important information being missed through missed communication when office-based staff find themselves working from home, but this can be solved by encouraging staff to make a note of any communications they have with customers so everyone is on the same page.

Managers can also monitor the communications of staff who are home working and provide them with any support they might need.

With access to detailed analytics on-call times, waiting times and call recordings managers are still in a position to step in and help any staff who may need extra time to adjust to the changes or may need help with a difficult enquiry.

If this is the case, managers can access call recordings and can communicate with employees to help their training and development, even remotely.

At Acefone, we understand the importance of efficient communication between employees while working from home.

This is a big adjustment for some employees who may be used to an office environment, so encouraging employees to keep communicating is key for businesses to keep running and maintain a happy and productive workforce.

Efficient communication between employees will ensure that expertise can be shared between staff and this shared knowledge and enhanced communication fostered by your hosted phone system will lead to much better customer service and therefore will enhance customer satisfaction, while keeping employees happy and feeling connected to their colleagues and the business.

If you would like to find out more about keeping connections strong while working from home, call our expert team on 1888-859-0450  .

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