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Effective and out of the box marketing can help businesses build a strong brand image and reach out to a larger number of customers.  

Businesses, both established and new, strive to create a great brand image and make consistent marketing efforts to establish their growing presence in the business world.

Customers may not recognise your products and services, but an effective marketing campaign brings your business in the limelight and helps finds the right audience. Free phone numbers are an important part of any marketing campaign. Using 0800 numbers in your marketing campaigns can enhance your brand in a number of ways, some of which we are going to explain in this article. 

There are plenty of benefits of a free phone number and they can act as an important addition to your marketing campaigns. Here’s how

1. Open lines of communication between you and your customers

A free phone number opens up more lines of communication between you and your customers for a number of reasons. Mainly, as the callers are not charged for making calls on these numbers, there is no financial barrier to them calling you. Essentially the customer has nothing to lose, but everything to gain through your exceptional service! 

Free phone numbers for marketing campaigns show customers that you are open to communication and are not placing any barriers between you and them. A business that encourages two-way communication is much more likely to win customer’s trust than a company which is difficult to reach, or costly to keep in touch with.

By using free phone numbers in your marketing campaigns, you give your customers an overall impression of being easy to deal with and a collaborative brandsomething which many modern consumers are looking for. 

2. Increase the professionalism of your business

Deploying free phone numbers imparts a professional edge to your business. That means your customers can directly call you on these numbers in case of any query. This makes your business appear more professional as you have a dedicated support team to get back to your customers. 

No matter how big or small your business might be, you can use a freephone number in your marketing campaigns to add another layer of credibility to your marketing.

Often smaller businesses use mobile numbers if they are on the movewhich can raise questions on how established and credible the business is. This issue is solved by using a free phone number with a hosted phone system, as customers will simply be directed through your hosted phone system to whichever device you are taking calls onno matter where you are. 

So small businesses can rest assured that they also can benefit from the extra layer of professionalism put across with a free phone number.

3. Increase your sales

Using a freephone number for your marketing campaign opens up communication, which can in turn increase your sales. With more customers able to proactively call you, your customer service team have more opportunities to sell your products or services to warm leads. Since customers initiate calls on these numbers, they might have a clear intention of either purchasing the product or doing further research. Each call can be turned into a lucrative sales opportunity for your business.

With a hosted phone system, you can use cloud call center solutions to handle those extra volumes of calls you will receive with a free phone number. Cloud call center solutions allow customers to call your free phone number and be directly connected to the next available agent, who can work from wherever they want to on their compatible devices. 

Instead of struggling with the volume of calls, you can hire remote call center representatives to handle the work and ensure that you can make the most of every customer interaction.

4. Track calls from each marketing campaign

When you spend time, effort and money on a marketing campaignyou want to ensure that you get the maximum return on investment. With a vanity number or free phone number, you can use an online portal to track exactly where each and every call came from.

Smart tracking through your hosted phone system means it is simple to pinpoint where you get the most engagement from. Putting a different vanity number on each marketing campaign means that you can closely monitor calls, and put more budget into the channels that work for you. 

Using these analytics can give your marketing team extensive insights into your customers and what they respond to, and this can be used to make effective campaigns in future. Using your online portal, you can access call recordings and see exactly what the customer called about through the detailed notes available to all of your agents. 

By looking at the data you can then make more informed decisions and deliver personalised marketing experiences which drive profit.

5. Easy to remember vanity numbers

By creating a free phone vanity number, you can boost your marketing campaigns with an easy-to-remember number. Lots of successful advertising campaigns have used a memorable or catchy phone number which relates to their product or service, and this number can often become an extension of their brand!

For example, an online pizza delivery service can create a vanity number like 0800-GET-FREE-PIZZA to offer product discounts and promotional offers. 

By choosing the right vanity number, you can create a marketing campaign which stays on top of your customers’ mind. These are great for radio campaigns where customers may hear a message about your business, but not have the number in front of them. By using vanity numbers you can help customers recall your number and get in touch with you at no cost to them. 

A vanity number gives your marketing team a great opportunity to be creative and have a phone number which not only is memorable but helps enhance your professionalism and credibility too.

6. Create international marketing campaigns 

A free phone number eliminates the hassle of changing your phone number according to your geographical location. This means that customers from across the globe can call you for free, opening up your business to a worldwide audience.

Overseas customers might not want to call a phone number which is clearly for a business in a different country. Even though your business is perfectly capable of handling their needs, you might miss out on this opportunity purely because your marketing contained a number with a different area code. 

To ensure your marketing campaigns have a great impact internationally, a free phone number is a perfect addition. Not only does it remove cost to customers, but it means your geographical presence is not going to get in the way of a potential sale!полное или частичное займа

As this article shows, a free phone number can be an important addition to your marketing campaigns for a number of reasons. Whether you want to come across more professionally to prospective clients or want to take your business to an international audiencea free phone number can help you market to almost anyone in the world in a professional and engaging way.

If you’d like to find out more about toll free number with a hosted phone system, call our expert team today on 1888-859-0450 .

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