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Free Phone Number To Ace Marketing Campaigns

We’re in the age of fierce competition and ruthless tactics. When a brand does anything innovative to up its marketing game, other companies copy it and take away all the novelty.

However, there are some solutions which can be unique to a brand and, hence, prove to be beneficial to its overall marketing strategy. 

A unique Free Phone Number or a Vanity Number definitely is one such service.

What are these though? 

Okay, first things first. 

A Toll Free Number refers to specific calling numbers through which consumers can reach out to businesses. These numbers are free to call for customers, and the charges are borne by the business that deploys it.

Organisations usually opt for these numbers to provide a superior customer experience and build a positive brand image. They usually come in a standard format and are slightly easier to remember. While they have some unique aspects, from a marketing strategy perspective, they still do fall short on a few counts.

Vanity numbers more than makeup for that. These are essentially dedicated business communication numbers wherein a string of digits are replaced with alphabets! Yes, you read that right. 

Customers can easily remember a vanity number like 1800-PET-STORE as compared to 1800-738-78673. The possibilities for crafting a marketing strategy surrounding such a capability are immense.

Several other aspects of these two tools also help with ensuring superior customer experience. 

For starters, they were mostly used by businesses with a very large scale and setup, at least historically. However, advanced cloud-based solutions made it possible for relatively smaller organisations to adopt such technologies as well. 

Secondly, these platforms can often be integrated with other important tools such as a Customer Relation Management (CRM) system which makes them and all the data that they generate even more useful and important.

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses and organisations to stand out, to distinguish themselves in a field as crowded as the ones they operate within. Free Phone and vanity numbers offer a rather useful way out of this conundrum while serving operational and functional goals as well.”

How to leverage free phone and vanity numbers as a part of your marketing strategy:

Following are the four reasons and ways in which dedicated business communication can be leveraged for fulfilling marketing aims as well – 

1. Scale agnostic –

One of the most attractive propositions of these numbers is that they aren’t very dependent on the scale of the brand concerned. What this means is that small, niche organisations can also afford them for their business communication purpose. 

An easy to remember free phone number or a quirky and relevant vanity number can easily be used in the brand’s marketing campaigns as well! In fact, attractive campaigns might end up helping the brand scale up and grow, instead of the scale itself being a prerequisite.

2. Highly amenable to the platform –

Irrespective of which one of the two you choose, the number should be a short, specific, and easily associable entity which is easy to memorise, print, share, distribute, etc.

Moreover, whether it is podcasts, newspapers, videos, or the good old banner advertising, these numbers are very, very easy to market and develop a brand association over time, irrespective of the platform concerned.

3. It counts –

In the world of marketing, quantifiable metrics are often a pain point. With free phone numbers and vanity numbers, this isn’t a problem at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Whether your investment in marketing is paying dividends or not can be specifically tracked and analysed in terms of actual data which is frequently updated. These metrics can be milked and the organisation’s marketing efforts gain an element of certainty and measurability.

4. Helps foster credibility –

Firstly, any business which has a dedicated service communication solution like a free phone or a vanity number of its own instantly gains credibility and brand recognition amongst the audiences. This works especially well for businesses that are just starting out or for small businesses. 

There are a large number of examples wherein brands eventually came to be associated with a quirky, distinct contact number. This is actually easier to establish if well supported with a marketing strategy.

In a world of duplication and instant uptake of novel ideas, it is indeed difficult to ensure brand authenticity and deliver genuinely surprising marketing campaigns. Moreover, owing to easy access to media of all forms, consumers are hyper-aware about everything. 

It, hence, becomes all the more challenging to consistently deliver on a strategy that markets your brand messaging to target consumers in the most effective manner possible. 

Coupled with advanced business communication tools, free phone, and vanity numbers can definitely become a potent combo that delivers stellar business results day in and out.

You can connect with one of our experts 1888-859-0450 any time to get to know more about vanity and Free Phone Numbers. 

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