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Tools that Call Centre Agents and Managers must have.

A cloud phone system provides all the tools call center agents need to provide an outstanding service to customers, no matter where you are based.

Here, we’ve put together our five must-have tools for call center agents.

Call Alerts

Make sure you start all your calls professionally with call alerts. A call alert lets you see if a call is internal or external so you can answer accordingly and ensure a consistent customer experience.

A call alert also ensures as an agent that you don’t miss an important call while taking care of other work, whether you’re finishing up on customer notes on their account or putting customer requests through your system, you won’t need to worry about missing anything while you’re busy.

It is important for a business that all calls are answered professionally, so customers get the best possible impression from the very first contact – call alerts can help make sure this impression is given every time.

Call Forwarding

If you’re out of the office, or training, or simply taking a well-earned break, you can make sure customers aren’t affected by forwarding any calls to either another device or another free agent.

With call forwarding, you aren’t bound to staying at your desk – if you have other business to attend to you can do so without worrying about missing a call, simply forward the call to any other compatible device and enjoy seamless, crystal clear communications with customers.

You’ll also still be able to access customer information via the online portal from whichever device you use.

Call Monitoring

For call center managers, the call monitoring function can help you develop your team. With access to detailed analytics, you can keep track of all calls; from waiting time, to the number of calls taken by each agent.

This gives management the power to work with agents on the areas they may need more training to ensure you get the best possible results from your customer service team.

Call monitoring can also help agents in the event of a customer complaint, as part of the monitoring on the online portal calls can be recorded and played back – so in the unfortunate event of a dispute, a resolution can be reached easily between the customer and the company.

By using all of these monitoring tools, agents can show their own performance and find ways to improve their service; which also helps improve the profitability of the business and customer satisfaction.

Easy To Use Online Portal

Most of the VoIP service providers such as Acefone provides an easy to use online portal that gives customer service agents access to customer data, so they can easily bring up previous call logs and get up to speed with where a customer enquiry is up to.

This allows customer service agents the chance to deliver an even better service and solve queries on the first point of contact, you can also deliver a more personalised service having more knowledge on the customer.

Control Your Caller ID

If you want to maintain your privacy when calling customers or returning calls, you can do so easily with a hosted phone system. VoIP phone systems allow you to change how your number appears on outgoing calls, so you can have this come up as withheld or as a memorable number which your customers can call you back on.

Controlling your caller ID can help call center agents who are required to call out as you’ll be able to control your privacy firstly, but secondly, customers will be able to find the correct number easily to call you back.

For example, setting your number to show up as your general enquiry number means that if a customer misses your call they can call back and have their call answered right away by an agent on the switchboard, rather than having to wait to get back in touch with you if  you’ve finished your shift or are dealing with other enquiries.

If you would like to know more about how your call center agents could benefit from the features of a hosted phone system, call one of our expert VoIP advisers on 1888-859-0450.

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