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The rise in adoption of VoIP phone technology has been staggering over the past few years, however, some businesses are still reluctant to take up the technology with fears that this new technology may not be secure enough for their business needs. 

In this article, we will explain the safety features of hosted telephony and how hosted phone systems can go a long way towards securing your business in an emergency.

Uptime Even In Times Of Disaster

In the unfortunate event that something happens in your business’ premises, you don’t need to worry about your phone system.

Hosted phone systems are built to withstand disasters, protecting your customer’s data and information so if the worst does happen, you’ll be able to continue working from anywhere.

Whether something happens physically to your office premises or a different threat such as COVID-19, you may find that your staff has to vacate your office premises quickly for their own security. 

This is not an issue for those with hosted phone systems as they staff can simply switch to another device as soon as they are safely home with an internet connection; even if they are mid-call, they can flip the call to a mobile device and customers will have no knowledge of the effects and can continue calling you as normal.

In times of disaster, it is important for business owners of all sizes to be able to continue to do business.

A hosted phone system will work seamlessly even though a national emergency, and you will be able to keep your customers informed every step of the way. 

In challenging times, customers will remember a business’ reaction and it will remain in their memory how much that business helped them through a difficult time, so when everything is back up and running and returning to normal customers are much more likely to use your services and recommend you to others. 

So, whether you have a power cut or are going through a national emergency, you can be assured that your business’ lines of communications are safe and protected and that you can continue providing the high standard of service your customers are used to.

Protect Your Clients’ Data

Recent events have made some customers very wary of how companies are using their data.

GDPR and Data Protection laws have come into place to stop customer data being misused and the onus is on every company to do everything they possibly can to be compliant and to ensure that customer data is protected in any way possible.

Reliable hosted phone service providers such as Acefone take data protection seriously, and their hosted phone systems ensure that you are fully compliant and that any data you take is held securely.

You can assure your customers that their data is safe with you, and can show them that your phone system adheres to PIC, FCC, GDPR, and CPNI.

These providers store your data in different geographical locations – adding an extra layer of protection for your business in the event of a crisis.

Should something happen to your premises and your phone system is attacked or destroyed, they can keep your data safe at a different geographical location ready to be restored; so nothing is lost and no data is compromised. 

Attackers are increasingly targeting businesses as data is valuable and can be sold on to the highest bidder, but your hosted phone system will ensure that any information you store in it about your customers is highly guarded and protected.

Hosted phone systems also provide security from threats so your client data is safe from any attacks, increasing the level of trust between you and your clients.

If you can confidently go out to clients and tell them how your systems are completely secure this can provide yet another selling point for your business and can help you secure contracts over a competitor.

Staff Can Work From Home With Ease

Security can come into question when workers are suddenly having to work from home.

Employers have less control over who can see customer data, whether staff are taking the right precautions to ensure data is kept safe or whether data is vulnerable to attackers; so this can cause some problems for employers wanting staff to work remotely.

With a cloud phone system, employers can be safe in the knowledge that they have control over the phone system even when staff is not physically present.

The phone system works in exactly the same way wherever staff is, and still meets all of the required security and compliance requirements. 

Using an easy to use online portal, management can easily see agent/employee productivity and can monitor any calls they have taken to ensure everything is running smoothly.

All calls are still logged so there is a detailed record of communications available should your business need to show this, and business owners can access both this and call recordings to ensure they are safe from any complaints and that customer data remains safe in the hosted phone system.

Professional Maintenance To Increase Security 

With cloud-hosted phone systems, security is handled by your expert provider.

You pay a monthly service fee to ensure that you have all the relevant updates installed for you to ensure you are up to date in terms of compliance, and that you are not left vulnerable to any potential attacks. 

As attackers are constantly developing new ways to steal valuable data, you must ensure that your business is always one step ahead, something a professional hosted phone system provider can ensure for you.

Hosted telephony providers are very aware of the dangers facing businesses from attackers, so they can ensure you are armed with everything you need to keep your business and customers safe from any theft.

If your phone system is professionally maintained, you can have peace of mind that you are one step ahead of hackers and that you are taking customer security seriously.

Overall, a hosted phone system can go a long way to making your business as secure as possible.

Compared to a traditional phone system, hosted phone systems can provide so many extra layers of security and can protect both businesses and customers from any attacks on their valuable data.

If you would like to find out more about how a hosted phone system can keep your business safe, call our expert team to discuss your telephone system on 1888-859-0450 .     

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