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Secret To Becoming A Large Organisation With Cloud Communication

All businesses start out small but dream of making it in the big leagues.

It is only with the right decisions, tools, and timing (and a bit of luck), that people see their business scale to new heights. This is true for any business in any industry.

If one makes the right investments, they are sure to see their business expand. With the digital revolution happening around us, the right investments are in the technologies that businesses use on a daily basis.

Many would assume that it is hard to give general advice to small businesses since they are extremely segmented and varied across industries. But when we dive deep into the growth plan of businesses, we find that they go through similar problems in their expansion phases. Almost all these problems arise from poor management of expansion strategies.

As the old saying goes, “You gotta spend money to make money”.

But what are the best investments a small business can make in order to grow?

The answer—cloud communications. It is the first step in the better management of all your business communications, be it with customers, clients, or even with teams internally.
Read on to learn how cloud communication can provide your company with the necessary tools to start its journey to the top.

What are cloud communications?

Cloud communications offer businesses the ability to shift their standard telephone network (PTSN) onto the Internet to provide voice and data communication services. In simpler terms, cloud communications help your business take the most essential parts of your business onto the Cloud.

Ever since the world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has unveiled our reliance on technology for almost everything.

As offices transitioned into make-shift home desks, organisations started to explore innovative ways to use technology and improve efficiency and productivity.

That’s what cloud communication did!

When businesses take their communications on the cloud, they get a range of features:

1. Makes remote working easier

As all communication is done over the Internet, businesses have the leeway to hire a robust remote workforce from different parts of the world. This enables smooth work from home setups while helping businesses secure the best talents.

2. Secures data and communications

Every business demands a secure network of communications. This demand has only amplified with a remote setup. Thus, to secure the most vital communications, you must invest in providers that guarantee top-level security within their data centers.

3. Access and share information from anywhere, to anywhere

Having information on the cloud offers your business the freedom to access it from anywhere in the world, on any device. This greatly enables collaboration between departments and locations.

4. Allows expansive integration

Every business runs its own version of a software. This can be as simple as Microsoft Word or as complex as proprietary software. The benefit of cloud communications is that it seamlessly integrates with any software your business is currently invested in.

5. Easy on the pocket

Legacy phone systems charge not only for the calls you make but also for the hefty hardware. With cloud communications, you can do away with all hardware and allow your employees to use their desktop as a softphone.

Tracking your journey to the top, with cloud communications:

1. Starting up:

In the infancy of any business, founders are always conscious of expenses. It is true that the initial costs are fixed and necessary for any startup. But when starting, many businesses become penny-wise but pound-foolish. This means that they sign up for services that may seem cheaper initially, and over time the bills start racking up.

For small startups, cloud communications can:

A. Build a virtual workforce:

Startups lack one crucial element of business success—employees. Teams are generally of a few people. While this is the norm, clients always prefer a well-established company that can take on big orders.

In this area, cloud communications offer businesses the ability to create a virtual workforce through tools and services like automated Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR’s), call forwarding and call routing. While your business may be small, to a client these features impose the image of a structured company.

B. Hire remotely:

To counter the problem of hiring the right talent, cloud communications offer the ability for startups to hire remote employees. With the seamless nature of communications over the Internet, added to the ease of access to information, businesses should not have issues starting with a remote workforce.

C. Offers plans based on size:

The biggest benefit of cloud communications is its ability to bring total operational costs down. This is most useful for startups who do not wish to spend huge amounts of money for services their business is not ready to use. Thanks to the personalisation possibilities with cloud communications, your business can only choose and pay for services your business needs.

2. Small-Medium Business:

As you continue growing your business and your workforce, the next step is to keep the working environment up to date with your expanding company. The first step is to upgrade your cloud communication services to fit your organisation requirements.

Thankfully, cloud communications offer services that can cater to your growing business demands:

A. Scalability

Cloud communications services can expand as your business needs do. For example, as you open new locations, you would need new lines to your existing business number. With cloud communications, opening new lines at new locations is as simple as checking a box. This allows you to expand without the hassle of reinstalling entire communications systems at the new location.

B. Get enterprise-level system at affordable prices:

It is a myth that SMB’s cannot work on the software systems used by larger organisations. The benefit of cloud communications is that some providers offer specialised services that fit well within your budgets. This offers you the ability to utilise the benefits of the systems used by MNC’s at affordable pricing.

C. Low capital expenditures:

Finances are always a point of contention for businesses. But since communications are an essential service, businesses try to search for the best plans from legacy telephone partners. Cloud communications offer businesses the ability to keep CAPEX to a minimum by doing away with hardware and offering suitable priced plans as per the organisation’s needs.

3. On the top:

Once your business is at the top, you can start to look for services that help you build on your profits while helping you maintain an image of a big establishment.

With these cloud communications services, you can establish and grow your brand image:

A. Establish a global and a local presence

Cloud communications offer you the ability to opt for local as well as international phone numbers. With this, you can have your business cater to highly localised or with global clients, as per your requirements.

B. Improve Security

One of the most sacred aspects of a large business is its ability to keep information secure. With the right cloud communications provider, you get the ability to safely store and access data from anywhere in the world.

C. Explore other services

Cloud communications offer a business highly specialised and personalised services as per their organisation’s needs. As your business expands, you can try and invest in other services like toll free or vanity numbers, offering your business the ability to stand out from the clutter. Additionally, with a more robust communication system, you can run simultaneous business calls, therefore, never missing a new caller seeking a business opportunity.

Final thoughts

The expansive services offered by cloud communications offer your businesses the ability to scale new heights from the ground up. With a more improved communication network, your business can reach new employees and new clients.

If you are interested in seeking cloud communication for your business expansion, reach out to Acefone and explore the variety of services we offer. Our experts are always ready to answer all of your questions. Connect with one at 1888-859-0450 or you can also drop an email at [email protected].

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