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Automated Emails and Calls for Post Purchase Service

Enhance Post Purchase Experiences for Customers with Automated Emails and Calls

After a customer makes a successful purchase, you might think that the job is done.  However, this isn’t the case! If you don’t offer any post-purchase service,…
Powerful Customer Engagement Strategy

How to Build a Powerful Customer Engagement Strategy For Improving the Overall Brand Experience?

Did you know: 95% of customers today seek proactive communication from the companies they do business with? Buyers want to interact with you in a convenient, effective…
The New Reality of Mobile Customer Experience

The New Reality of Mobile Customer Experience

Over the past two millennia (maybe more), humanity has transformed the world to suit our growing needs. Such events have left an indelible impact on our societal structure,…
How to Improve Customer Response Time

Keep the Conversation Going: How Improving Customer Response Time Can Win You Customers

Modern customers expect quick responses from businesses. And these expectations have only risen with the proliferation of social media platforms. Studies have shown customers…
Effective Tips To Bond With Your Audience In 2021

Want to Emotionally Connect with Customers? Use These Effective Tips to Bond with Your Audience in 2021

A few years ago, I ordered a pair of shorts online. The shorts were delivered and I realised that I had ordered the wrong size. Now I wasn’t a tech-savvy person then,…
Enhance Customer Experience in Banking Solutions Through Hosted Phone Systems

Enhance Customer Experience in Banking Solutions by Switching to Hosted Phone Systems

Delivering contextual and seamless customer experiences (CX) is vital to business success. Every interaction plays a crucial role in shaping long-term customer relationships.…