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10 things to check in your IVR system

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with callers through the use of voice input via telephone keypad. This technology allows you to filter customers through to the correct department, saving you time and money.

Save Your Agents Time

By allowing your customers to pre-select options based on their query, your agents will receive a call with a better idea of what the customer is wanting, saving them time on each call as they won’t need to go through the whole process with each and every customer.

This time saved can go into providing a better customer service, with an online portal, agents can add more detailed notes to a customer’s account so if they need to call again there is plenty of detail there ready for the next agent to pick up where they left off – saving even more time, and potentially saving you money.

Save Your Business Money

Financially, having an IVR number for your business can be very cost-effective. As detailed above, with the time saved on taking each customer through a time-consuming process, agents are free to take more calls and solve more customer queries.

This means more potential business for you and your business, plus better customer service means happy customers more likely to recommend you.

Better Customer Experience

Giving customers the option to choose which department they speak to also saves customer’s valuable time too. Customers don’t want to be on the phone for a long time waiting to get a query resolved and being passed from agent to agent, an IVR number takes away the need for this and gives customers the opportunity to get through to whoever they need to on their first call.

An IVR number shows you’ve invested in your customer service and will leave customers with a great impression of your business, leaving you looking professional and accommodating to your customers.

Improved Professionalism

Many large businesses have IVR systems, so if you’re trying to get ahead of the competition then you need to have all of the features your competitors do. You want any existing customers or new customers to see how professional your company is and you can do this in a cost-effective way with a beautifully designed IVR.

Designed correctly, these systems can help your business come across much more professionally to customers and could be the difference between someone choosing your business or that of a competitor.

Gives The Impression Your Company Is More Established

If you’re a small business just starting out, you need to inspire confidence in potential customers to win their business and telephone could be the first point of contact between your business and a lucrative potential client.

So, a professionally designed IVR system can help give the impression that your business is much more established and, possibly that you have a larger team of agents working for you.

The fact you’ve invested in a professional phone system will say a lot about how much you care and how you run your business and will give anyone calling a great impression of your company.

Solve More Queries In The First Call

Another fantastic benefit of an IVR number is that you will have more chance of solving queries in the first call. This means there will be less need to take agents off the phones to research information on queries and less passing of customers from agent to agent as customers can be directed to the person best placed to answer their questions.

Many customers are pressed for time and will be pleased to know they can reach the correct person in your business easily with no need for waiting around and explaining their query to multiple agents.


If you’d like to find out more about designing an IVR system to benefit you and your customers, call our team on 1888-859-0450.

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