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Bulk SMS and Their Vital Role in Ensuring Business Continuity

SMS marketing is a great way to reach large numbers of your customers with very little effort and spend.

SMS marketing is direct and cuts through the masses of emails your customers are receiving every day – and can be a great addition to your marketing plan if used correctly.

If your messages are informative and give customers the information they want to receive customers will respond positively to this and you will be in the front of their mind when they come to make a purchase.

SMS marketing is quite personal, as you are reaching their personal mobile phones, so you must think carefully about the messages you are sending and make sure they are relevant and to the point. 

SMS marketing can be a fantastic addition to your marketing plans, so this article will outline why you should include SMS marketing when you’re creating your marketing strategies.

Reach Your Target Audience Immediately

With SMS marketing, you do not need to wait for marketing collateral to be printed, adverts to be approved, newspapers or magazines to be released – your advertising is sent immediately to everyone you want to reach.

As SMS marketing is immediate, you can add urgency to your messages by sending out limited-time offers to encourage customers who might have been thinking about buying from you to go ahead and make the purchase.

Customers are more likely to read an SMS message, as it is more direct than an email and the customer will be notified of the SMS coming through to their mobile phones.

This means, that your message will immediately reach and be picked up by your target audience – giving you even more chance of your marketing message being successful.

SMS Marketing Is Cost-Effective

When compared to Facebook advertising, email marketing, and other areas of your Marketing plan, SMS Marketing is highly cost-effective.

It does not cost much to send the SMS messages to your customer’s mobile phones, and it also does not take too much time for your marketing team to put these messages together – so you will save on both staff time and advertising spend. 

With a hosted phone system, you can send SMS messages right from your phone system’s online portal. It is simple to categorize customers and select only the customer type you are looking to target.

When you use your hosted phone system, this means that you can keep all the analytics in one place and you do not need to export your data to any 3rd party software – you can simply do everything you need to in one place; with no need to spend any more money on extra software.

All Mobile Phones Are Compatible With SMS Marketing

If you have been marketing on social media, or in newspapers and local press – you may find that you have missed some of your target audience as they are not active on social media, or they do not read newspapers, etc.

With SMS marketing, you will reach many more customers as every customer’s mobile phone will support incoming SMS messages.

You may think that SMS marketing is basic and there are more technically advanced ways to reach your target audience, but simple solutions can work very well for businesses, and using SMS marketing may help you be more inclusive to customers who are not using social media or other online marketing channels.

SMS Marketing Is A More Direct Form Of Advertising

Most people have their mobile phones within reach at most times of the day, so using SMS marketing is a way to reach people directly in their homes or place of work.

If messaging is simple, to the point and highly relevant then customers will appreciate your business making accessing your offers simple for them; as you can include links and direct people to your latest offers online.

As SMS marketing is so direct, it is also more personal. Instead of a blanket email, customers will feel as if this offer has been personally chosen for them and sent to their mobile phones to make it easier for them to access.

This personalized service will help to increase customer experience and make the customer journey easier for customers thinking about buying from you.

Even if they are not quite ready to purchase yet, they can look back through their SMS messages when they are as the message is less likely to be discarded like an email.

SMS Marketing Is Trackable

Through your online portal, you can access a range of analytics through your hosted phone system. This means you can track who has opened your SMS message and when they opened it, you can also see if they called you to follow up.

This tracking means that you can use SMS marketing to follow up with customers and start building a relationship with them.

Your staff can call the customer to check they received the SMS message and can offer help with any questions the customer might have – which could lead to increased profits and increased customer experience.

All from simply tracking and using the information provided to follow up with customers!

Overall, SMS marketing should be a part of your marketing plan if you want to reach all of your customers with highly targeted and personalized marketing messages.

Used correctly, this direct form of communicating with customers can unlock new customer relationships and ensure that your business is at the front of a customer’s mind when they come to make a purchase. 

To find out more about SMS marketing and how your hosted phone system can help you add this to your marketing plan with ease, call our expert team on 1888-859-0450.

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