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Top 7 Ways to Improve Customer Service in 2020.

Customer experience is becoming a top priority for businesses these days. Companies have realised the importance of delivering better customer experience to stand out from their competitors. Customer is king and must be treated the same way, as they can make or break the revenue of your business.

Customer Experience is the relationship that a customer shares with the business. It is, however, not built on the first impression, it is the overall journey of the customer with the company.

This infographic will help you in improving customer experience in 2020.

7 Ways to Improve Customer Service in 2020.

1. Make Customers Your First Priority

Put your customers first before anything else. Business runs for customers; thus, customers have the power to make or break the revenue of your business. An unhappy customer would not take any longer to choose services from your competitors.

2. Put Yourself in Customer’s Shoes

You create a lasting business when you think from the customer’s perspective. By doing so, you think like your customers and would be able to solve their queries better. This makes customers happy and satisfied, improving the customer satisfaction rate.

3. Respond on Every Communication Channel

Brands often do not pay much attention to social media, which, however, is very important to monitor. Respond to your customers immediately as it shows that you are committed to your responsibilities.

4. Provide Omnichannel Communication Service

Switch to an omnichannel approach from the outdated multi-channel, communicate with the customers the way they want, and not the other way around. With omnichannel, users can switch between voice, email, or chat and continue the same conversation over another channel.

5. Reward Loyal Customers

Reward your loyal and engaged customers with exclusive offers and discounts. You can also send them birthday cards through which they will connect with your brand emotionally. This also helps in retaining the regular and loyal customers.

6. Ask for Feedback

How would you know where to improve when you don’t listen to your customers?
Frequent surveys help you know about your customer’s experience with your brand.
Whereas feedback will tell you the areas you need to improve.

7. Keep Up with Technology

Incorporating the latest trends and technologies in your call center is crucial; one such trend is self-service. With Self-help tools such as IVR, customers can find solutions themselves when they do not wish to seek assistance from the agents, especially when they are looking for information about products and services.


It will be safe to say that developing an emotional connection with your customers is the one thing that a business needs to do. When customers can connect with you on a personal level, they are more likely to stay loyal to you. Personalised products and services add to better customer experience.

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