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Reboot Your Customer Experience With Ingrid Lindberg

Expert Opinion: The Key To Winning New Customers Is To Retain The Existing Ones

Customer service has undergone a paradigm shift owing to the increasingly competitive landscape. The fundamental principle of enhancing customer experience is retaining existing customers to automatically win over new ones. A remarkable customer experience keeps your customers coming back while promoting your services to others. Businesses with excellent customer experience reported higher customer referrals and […]

Hosted Phone System For University Campuses

Hosted Phone Systems: A Game-Changer for University Campuses

Educational institutions are constantly struggling to deliver quality communication to students via their expensive traditional phone systems. Private institutions are also feeling the squeeze in the current financial climate. Budgets are being scrutinised while rising data and telecommunications workloads are continuously stretching the limits of what legacy systems were meant to provide.  A phone system […]

Mind Blowing Omnichannel Statistics Infographic

18 Mind-Blowing Omnichannel Statistics That Every Business Should Know For 2021

Omnichannel solutions are designed to deliver a unified experience to customers across different communication channels—phone calls, live chats, emails, in-app chats, social media and chatbots.  The omnichannel approach has set a new benchmark for offering exceptional customer service.  Omnichannel support for popular platforms is one of the most efficient ways to hook your customers to […]

expert Opinion Interview With Mosun Shasore

Expert Opinion: How to Deliver Remarkable Customer Experience (and Why it’s so Important)

Did you know Google searches for the term ‘customer experience’ have nearly tripled in the last decade? Why won’t they be; customer-centricity is the key to business success in the modern landscape. With customer expectations evolving rapidly, you need to create a culture around the customer and their needs. Businesses that take steps to please […]

FinancesOnline Review For Acefone

Acefone Takes Home Two Appreciation Awards From FinancesOnline

Acefone recently bagged two honorary awards—“Great User Experience” and “Rising Star”—at the 2020 Awards organised by FinancesOnline.  FinancesOnline is a respected platform, where one can read detailed reviews of B2B and SaaS software as provided by industry experts. Well-curated and comprehensive, these reviews offer a deep understanding of different companies and their services.  FinancesOnline also […]