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Missed Call Service: A Boon for the Banking Industry in 2021

The consistent growth of worldwide interactive voice response (IVR) market suggests enterprises from various industries leveraging the automated telephony system to accelerate customer service delivery and reduce the customer service cost. An IVR system helps businesses to automate customer service delivery by interacting with callers through both voice and DTMF tones. The self-help options provided by IVR system allows callers to collect information, accomplish routine tasks, and resolve customer service issues on their own. At the same time, the IVR solution enhances first call resolution by transferring the incoming call to the best-suited department, employee or extension.

IVR system also enables businesses to simplify and streamline important operations like human resources (HR). Many businesses already use IVR services to boost various services provided by the HR department – recruitment, employee relationship management, and job analysis. They further customise the IVR to automate other HR operations. The HR departments can use IVR service to automate and modernize the hiring process in a number of ways. Let us look at 9 ways in which IVR systems can modernize the hiring process.

1. Organize Walk-in Interviews

Often enterprises organize walk-in interviews to hire skilled employees in a short span of time. It is important to make it easy for candidates to access important information beforehand. This ensures that only eligible and skilled candidates show up for walk-in interviews. Many enterprises take advantage of IVR solutions to enable candidates to access the information required for attending the walk-in interview.

2. Organize Multiple Job Interviews

It becomes difficult for companies to provide correct information to the candidates while conducting interviews for multiple job openings. They can solve this problem with the help of multi-level IVR systems. The candidates can get the required information by navigating through the self-help options provided in the system. It is important to mindfully design an IVR for its success.

3. Optimize Data

Collecting, storing and organizing candidate’s data is a lengthy and time-consuming yet unavoidable task that every HR needs to perform. All these 3 tasks can be easily put on autopilot my making use of IVR service. Companies can collect all the required information from the candidate through multi-level IVR system that will also help in easily organizing the data. All this can be performed without needing any human interference.

4. Accelerate Resume Screening

Sometimes organizations recruit employees for multiple posts. The HR managers need to explore ways to categorise the applicants based on specific job openings. They use resume screening as a robust technique to review the candidates and shortlist the eligible candidates. The IVR solutions help HR professionals to streamline and accelerate resume screening by asking job-specific questions to the candidates. The managers can review the conversations recorded by the IVR to conduct the first round of interviews without putting extra time and effort.

5. Connect Candidates to the Right HR Executive

Multiple corresponding interviews are a common thing for today’s companies. While the method can be time and cost-effective it can sometimes lead to a few problems. Humans are prone to errors and can get confused while communicating to candidates. This small mix-up can lead to major consequences. Whilst using an IVR this problem can be avoided. Candidates can either be provided information through the IVR.

6. Convey Written Test Results

Most organisations these days shortlist talented candidates by conducting written tests initially. A candidate needs to technical and HR round interviews only after passing the written test. IVR service helps the HR department to convey written test results to candidates automatically. A candidate can know the written test results simply by selecting the appropriate self-service option provided by the IVR solution.

7. Identify Areas of Improvement

In addition to measuring the performance of recruitment programs, the HR managers must focus on establishing an effective recruitment process. They cannot make the recruitment process effective without identifying the areas of improvement. The IVR solutions help HR professionals to identify the measure required to boost the recruitment process by recording every incoming call. The decision-makers can review the recorded conversations to decide how to keep the recruitment process effective in the long run.

In a Nutshell

In addition to modernizing HR operations, cloud-based IVR solutions enable businesses to set up HR call centers without incurring huge infrastructural cost. A business can easily modernize and streamline important functions provided by the HR department by customizing and extending the cloud-based IVR services.

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