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Do's And Don'ts of International Phone Etiquette

International Phone Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

They say first impressions are last impressions. This definitely stands true for long-distance connections that you won’t be meeting very often (or at all) but only converse with via calls.  How you communicate during the first call with a client or an important stakeholder will set the tone for the rest of your conversation.    So, […]

Cloud Communication Solutions For Your Business

Go Beyond Calls, Texts, and Video with Cloud Communication Solutions

There are many different reasons to use cloud communication with your social media platforms––hosted phone systems provide a great way to unify your communications and make sure your conversations remain consistent. When a customer gets in touch with you, it is important that you appear professional, and cloud communication solutions can help you do this […]

Benefits of UCaaS in Healthcare Sector

Benefits of UCaaS in Healthcare Sector

Unified Communications as a Service, refers to a suite of applications that brings together the entire communication network of an entity or organisation onto a single platform–– ‘unifying’ them in the process.  Also known as UCaaS, these solutions enable communications via IP. They’re complemented by a host of systems and tools such as a hosted […]

5 Ways Predictive Analytics Is Improving Customer Experience

Future CX: The Rise of Predictive Analytics

The current marketplace scenario is highly competitive. It isn’t surprising then that businesses are leaving no stone unturned to prove their worth and stand out in the crowd.  Amongst the several other factors that define a competitive and reliable brand, delivering contextual customer experiences is now considered one of the most important factors. You should […]

Dynamics of Video Conferencing

Dynamics of Video Conferencing: Past and Future

Reports suggest that the video conferencing market size was valued at USD 3.85 billion in 2019 and will reach a CAGR of 9.9% from 2020 to 2027. Makes sense, right? Covid-19 has brought about several drastic changes in the way businesses operate. Previously meetings, never-ending discussions about deals, and final closures consumed a considerable amount […]