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Data Privacy: Why It Matters for Your Consumers, Your Business, and Your Brand

Most casual users of the Internet and social media are increasingly concerned about protecting their personal data and privacy.  There are news stories abound on data leaks and data hacks regularly, causing netizens concern. And rightly so, since sharing personal data while shopping or often visiting e-commerce websites has become imperative. Not just that, most […]

How DRaaS and CCaaS help Keep Businesses Running Through Difficult Times

Most businesses understand how crucial customer communication is. Without consistent and meaningful communication, you can’t deliver outstanding service or even successfully sell your products and services to prospective customers. Staying in touch with your audience becomes all the more critical during times of crisis. After all, how do you update clients about delivery delays, inventory […]

How to Choose a Hosted Phone System for a Law Firm

Initially, the success of law firms used to be a direct function of their legal acumen and experience in the specific practice. However, the exponential increase in the number of such firms with time has increased the competition significantly.  This has brought about a shift in focus onto the softer aspects of this practice, such […]

The New Reality of Mobile Customer Experience

Over the past two millennia (maybe more), humanity has transformed the world to suit our growing needs. Such events have left an indelible impact on our societal structure, modifying different aspects of public and private life for generations.  Amid these changes, there were hindrances that halted human progress. Some of the more prominent examples being […]

Choosing the Correct Dialler for Your Business

Organisations worldwide are looking for ways to improve the efficiency and experience of their contact centres. As per industry research, it takes at least 18 dials to connect with a prospective buyer over the phone. With a conversion rate that low, and non-connect calls, which either end up in voicemail, or are not even picked […]

Voice Broadcasting can Help the UK Government Connect Better with People

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that communication is key. And no communication is more important than the information that the UK government sends out to its people, especially during times as uncertain as the Covid-19 era.  However, ensuring consistent communication with such a large audience at once can be a daunting […]

How Can a Digital Assistant Make Accountants’ Lives Easier?

An accountant’s life is busy from dealing with clients’ finances to onboarding new clients. Accountants rarely have a quiet day, and then, particularly during key financial periods in the year, they might need some extra support. Accountancy firms can always increase their spend on staffing and equipment. Alternatively, they could also invest in a hosted […]

Keep the Conversation Going: How Improving Customer Response Time Can Win You Customers

Modern customers expect quick responses from businesses. And these expectations have only risen with the proliferation of social media platforms. Studies have shown customers do not hesitate to switch brands when exposed to poor service.   One successful strategy to keep service levels high is by improving your customer response times. Doing so helps you resolve […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Call Centre

The hallmarks of ‘good’ customer service are not limited to the binary question of whether the support agents solved a customer query or not.  “One-third of consumers say they would consider switching companies after just one instance of bad customer service”. Wonder why?  This holistic experience leaves a lasting impression on the customer, and as […]

The Benefits of Multiple Data Centres to your Business

Businesses today have complex IT needs. Need such as high uptime, various computing services, disaster recovery plans, ensuring regulatory compliance and so much more. While great features facilitate better efficiency and productivity, they also need a robust and reliable system to be able to manage evolving needs and ensure business continuity. This is possible only […]

How AR and 5G Impact UCaaS?

UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service, has emerged as a best-in-class solution that improves communication and collaboration within businesses, thereby optimising processes, driving revenue, and building strong customer relationships.  The solution offers immense convenience; thus, businesses are proactively adopting the technology to be able to stay ahead of their competitors. So, what exactly is […]

Why Customers Prefer Self-Service, and How your Business can Benefit from Encouraging it

Modern customers are increasingly pressed for time and expect swift query resolution. While customers would earlier pick up the phone to connect with a brand, the growth of social media and digital channels has meant that customers engage with brands even beyond the traditional nine-to-five workday. Given the need for instant gratification, customers prefer to […]

Customer Privacy: Adding an Extra Layer of Security with Two-Factor Authentication

Technology has evolved over time and so have the risks that surround it. Though businesses have been embracing innovative security approaches, the threat posed by cyber attackers and fraudsters continues to exist.    Not just cyber-attacks but data, when exposed to a large number of users, tends to be misused or meddled with.  Data security concerns […]