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Does a Customisable Inbound Contact Centre Solution Unlock Smooth Customer Journeys?

Businesses are always vying for the top spot. In such a competitive landscape, the quality of customer service they provide becomes a huge differentiator. Delivered with empathy, care, and concern, customer care becomes cardinal in customer acquisition and retention. Given the variety of communication channels through which clients can reach you, it’s important to offer […]

How to Use Customer Data to Help Customers?

The world runs on numbers. That’s why it comes as no surprise that customer experience has also become largely data-driven. Rising user expectations demand more than just routine conversations from contact centres—businesses are under pressure to proactively gauge consumer needs and interests. To achieve this, you need to gather sufficient data about the target audience. […]

Reasons Why Businesses Need Softphone

We’ve come a long way from Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone. Over the years, a multitude of innovations has become critical to a firm’s operations. One such product is the softphone.  This telephony system doesn’t even need a wired desk connection or a business phone device. It operates entirely on the cloud which […]

Why Moving To The Cloud Gives You An Advantage In A Time Of Crisis

Technology innovations support businesses, help maintain performance, and sustain productivity during an unexpected crisis. However, engaging employees through online resources continues to be a challenge.  Cloud computing has enabled on-site interaction irrespective of the location of the employees. It has empowered organisations to function normally in a distributed set-up.  The cloud-managed service landscape is becoming […]

Create An Intelligent Cloud Contact Centre To Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

In the current competitive scenario, organisations have begun to outperform each other based on the quality of the customer experiences they deliver. According to a digital trends 2020 report, “Companies that prioritised and effectively managed customer experience were three times more likely than their peers to have significantly exceeded their top business goals in 2019.” […]

How Can Managers Ensure Better Work-Life Balance For Employees

Striking the right balance between personal and professional life is a huge challenge. With office schedules busier than ever, it’s vital to effectively juggle between professional responsibilities, family commitments, and spare equal time for self-care.  As employers, you may not be directly responsible for providing your workers with a perfectly balanced lifestyle. But, you can […]

Use VoIP Services To Improve Your Team Performance

If you want a high performing workforce, you need to equip your staff with all the tools they need to succeed. An empowered team is a happy and productive team, and, therefore, boosting staff morale is important for maintaining a good work culture.  This is where VoIP services come in handy. Hosted phone systems allow […]

All You Need to Know About Call Conferencing Feature

In the age of the internet, connectivity is everything. For those working remotely, it even becomes a necessity. Businesses need to ensure that their staff, from all corners of the world, can collaborate and work as a team.  Here, comes call conferencing. As a power-packed feature of a hosted phone system, it allows you to […]

Top 10 Must-Have Features of Call Center Phone Systems

Call centers have emerged as a key touchpoint for businesses. They establish contact with customers, understand their demands, and offer quick and efficient solutions.  Though a typical call center set-up reminds us of call queues, frustrated customers, and agents on multiple phone lines, the current scenario has become increasingly streamlined. Backed by cloud-based VoIP systems, […]